28 Settembre 2022

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With us the word test means creation, to elaborate articles which give maximum satisfaction to each Customer. And experience has told us that the test on small quantities/trial are not sufficient nor truthful if not at 20%. It is for this that we directly purchase undetermined amounts of leather, from various origins, in order to be near to the choice of the customer, close to the activity of the tannery, with maximum certainty on the result and on the lasting quality of the result.

Always ahead, always looking fo something new, the article which is fresh, but the same. Every phase of testing is monitored by our chemists and engineers who evaluate, thanks to the most advanced tests, the stability of the article and the products contained within it.
For our valuable Customers the same procedure is used fixed in more phases, with more hides, in order to delineate in all its complexity the final product and to adapt it to the style, manufacturing and to the requirements desired by the Customer.

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