28 Settembre 2022
Story and Mission
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Story and Mission

Story and Mission Life in chemicals

Experience and freshness, wisdom and daring, precision and boldness. You will find all of this in every sector of Vitalchimica Italiana: from the management to the technical sector, from the production to the warehouse, we have tried to put men with ten-years experience in the tanning sector alongside young apprentices, to give everyone a mental aperture broad enough to create a fantastic synergy of intent and ideas.

For years Vitalchimica Italiana has concentrated it´s efforts and investments in the development of a commercial network that covers all the main markets. Be there have been the words of order for Vitalchimica Italiana of the last years. To link ones name to an idea, a reputation, to the people who travel the world in order to communicate an image. The image of a healthy, solid company, based on commercial transparency, to express our experience in fresh innovative articles always close to the idea of the Customer and the latest trends and the capacity to be ourselves.

The development of distinguishing work, attentive to the requirements of the individual Customer, focused in the event of any problems, or any idea, has given Vitalchimica Italiana the possibility to assist and serve important companies in Italy and in the world.
Thanks to the important technological effort and the constant use of faster means of communication, we have given true significance to the phrase eliminate distances. No Customer is too far away to benefit from the constant assistance and collaboration that Vitalchimica Italiana gives to all its valuable Customers in Turkey as well as in Egypt, in Bangladesh and in Mexico, from Syria to Brasil, in Rumania as well in India and China.
The same attention, the same alacrity, the constant enthusiasm and humility of wanting to understand the best way to collaborate. Follow the work of a partner the same way you follow the success of a friend, always give the maximum, so that the Customer has the best.

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