29 Marzo 2020
The Company
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The Company

Generations keep growing within Vitalchimica Italiana, under the careful watch of the lion that has always represented our company.
The same name, the same credibility, the same pride of one who knows that they have spent their life with a company which in the world is synonymous with constancy and determination.

The success of Vitalchimica Italiana can also be attributed to the policy of investment dedicated to the strengthening of technologies for the development of a range of products always near to the requirements of the market, as well as the absorption of industrial situations smaller but, efficient in their sector, in order to give Customers 360° assistance.
Diversification of the production processes, linked yet independent, has made it possible to develop the individual capabilities of the units, obtaining a synergic collaboration devoted to maximum Customer satisfaction.

The ability to create finishing articles, represents for the Tuscany area one of the main distinctive signs in the world, and only a few succeed in performing this job with creativity, ability and style.
Vitalchimica Italiana merits the presence of two of the best finishing technicians in the sector. Well-timed competence and creativity are by now known in the among Italian tanners as well as among the main international tanners, representing for a long time one of the main points of reference.

We are Vitalchimica Italiana, us, all of us give a face to our company. It was difficult, laborious, sometimes painful, but we are what you see. Transparent, real, willing to carry our idea of work everywhere, our face tells a lot about our company.

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